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    March 10, 2020 3 min read

    Whether for business or for pleasure, a lot of thought goes into packing efficiently for our travels. For the well-dressed man, he wishes to maintain a semblance of appearance but at the same time cater for space and utility.

    So what we put on our feet and take into our carry-on or luggage is important to make sure we get the most out of our destination. With both style and practicality in mind, here are the top 5 travel shoes for the dapper man.

    1. The Adventurer

    Adventurous Service Boots

    For the type of traveler who seeks thrills and new experiences, a sturdy and trustworthy boot is in order. 

    This traveler needs footwear sturdy enough to withstand harsh beatings, lightweight enough to keep agile and presentable enough to be called upon when your inner-style guru in you demands it! The Service Boots served exactly that purpose for many Australian soldiers in the past

    Whether in the bush or the urban landscape, our Service Boots are a trusty companion for wherever adventure finds itself at your feet. An additional bonus of the roomier shape of the boot means it caters comfortably to the natural expansion of the feet under heavy loads or restricted blood flow on long haul flights.

    2. The Organiser

    Are you someone who plans and organises each day with many activities and adventures? In case you don't plan your costume changes during the day, a one style fits all occasions approach is needed. Stay versatile!

    By pairing chinos with brogues, you will appear casual enough to portray a relaxed mood in the day, without looking too formal. Then by evening, the effect is diametric: the outfit looks the part for a classy dinner date without looking too casual.

    Such versatility can be found in our Semi-Brogue Oxfords that comes in light brown or dark brown.

    3. The Executive

    Corporate dress code dictates that the businessman wear a black pair for when he's wearing a dark coloured suit, or a darker brown for when he's wearing a blue-hued suit. This traditional dress code means one thing: serious business.

    These shoes will be worn for many hours during the day until that crucial deal is closed, after which celebratory drinks would ensue. So from the plane to the boardroom to the bar, they need to keep you looking sharp, focused and comfortable.

    When first impressions matter and looking the part might mean the difference between securing that business deal or losing it, our black or dark oak Oxfords command an immediate respect from any audience before the first handshake. 

    4. The Weekender

    The Weekender Loafer Look

    For a lazy weekend away, the relaxed nature of it all means you need something easy to slip on and versatile enough to dress up or down for any occasion. Try pairing them with shorts on the walks along the beach or with trousers when dining at a fine restaurant. For those bold enough, try some no-show socks to show off that ankle!

    Our dark brown or black loafers are the perfect companion for a stylish yet lazy weekend away from town.

    5. The Fit One

    For either the ultimate casual style or making the most out of any complimentary gym access, it's undeniable that a pair of sneakers is most appropriate.

    At TGC, we currently do not offer any sneaker sole shoes yet but our resident sneaker head, Ben, recommends the Air Max 270 for casual wear and the Adidas Ultra Boost for exercising. Here's a shot of him in his pair of Air Max's.

    Get Moving! 

    Depending on your upcoming travel plans, you may want to take more than one type of these shoes with you; one pair on your feet and others in your bags. Our range of leather shoes and boots will have you ready for all life's adventures.