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Boot Black

Boot Black Silver Line Two Face Lotion (Cleaner/Conditioner)

Why clean, then condition your leather shoes, when you can do it all at once? Our mates over in Japan have delivered a superb product in Boot Black's Two Face Lotion. The Boot Black Two Face Lotion contains two fluids in one bottle: a leather cleaner (a non-toxic solvent) and leather conditioner (argan oil).

The organic solvent will remove dirt, water based stains and old polish residue. The argan oil, used in many premium facial products, will greatly nourish the leather and create an excellent base to apply the Bootblack cream and/or polish. Your shoes will be clean, supple and have a nice shine.

Note that the two liquids will seperate in time. Simply shake until a soft, milky colour appears. 

Contents: 100 ml bottle

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