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Premium Horsehair Shoe Brush

What better way to keep your TG Collection shoes dust free and looking buff..ed than Trimly's Premium Horsehair Shoe Brush. Made in that little European country called Germany, these brushes are skilfully built and made on time. Horsehair is the best all-purpose brush for quality leather and because the hair is so tightly packed you don't have to spend hours brushing away dust or buffing out a nice mild shine. So more time for the German products you actually care about.. Beer. Prost!


  • 100% Horsehair Bristles
  • Bristle length 2.5cm
  • Handle Dimensions 170mm x 53mm
  • Curved handle with lateral finger troughs for easy use
  • Varnished handle
  • Made in Germany

*Product is sold individually. 

See our Leather Care Guide

Horsehair Brush Code: HHBL1 (dark hair) & HHBL2 (light hair)

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