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    If you'd have asked us before COVID-19, "is buying shoes online really a thing?", we'd have said something hopeful like, ''it's a growing market". Lockdown has of course changed all of that and buying shoes online is no longer reserved for the keen or the adventurist. Coupled with more consumer-friendly exchange policies, Australians are buying shoes online more than ever before. Written with men in mind, but equally applicable to women, this guide will help you shop for shoes online with confidence and success.

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    Quality Indicators

    Look For Styled Visuals

    Look for visuals that show the shoes being worn by models or customers. It is easier to see how they match a variation of styles, and how they look from different angles. We provide visuals like this on our product pages, but style is a very personal thing, so check out the shoemaker or website's instagram page, in particular tagged posts, to see how shoppers like you are donning them.