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    How it happened

    Thomas George Collection is a men's footwear brand that was founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2020. Its origins begun with a health obsession with quality leather shoes, one of the last bastions of true craftsmanship; unfortunately, kids, mortgages, life suddenly excluded us from this exclusive local market. We tried to find better priced options overseas, but sizing is such that this avenue turned out to be more trouble than it was worth. In the end, we decided to do something about it by designing and launching our own line of men's footwear. Australian men now have a well-made and affordable leather footwear option and we're very excited by the prospects of other local brands lifting their game and moving away from mass-produced, disposable footwear. 

    Buy quality not to spend a fortune, buy quality to save a fortune.

    Meaningful Partnerships

    Our story is more than just about passing on value by ‘cutting out the middleman’. We’re about developing strong relationships with our partners, selected for their notable skill as shoemakers. By creating genuine relationships we ensure transparency and ethical dealings, best-quality and ethically sourced materials, fair working conditions, and collaboration on everything from design to market access. This win-win relationship translates into genuine value for our customer that a transactional relationship cannot provide.