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    Shoe Production Method

    They say it takes a village to raise a child and the same can be said for producing just one welted shoe. For each TG Collection shoe there are about 130 individual steps, involving craftsmen and women with skills in cutting, sewing, trimming and a number of other discrete activities. The steps below provide you with a broad understanding of what's involved in making your shoes.

    Shoe Production Method

    The Goodyear Welted Method

    All Thomas George Collection shoes are made using the Goodyear welt construction method. Used by many of the World's top shoemakers, the Goodyear welt construction method is known for its strength, durability, and repair qualities. 

    Goodyear Welt Diagram - The Thomas George Collection
    As depicted above, the upper leather, lining, and welt are stitched to the ribbing, which has already been attached to the insole. The welt will then be stitched to the leather sole. This final stitch can be removed, so the sole can be replaced without damaging the rest of the shoe.

     The Stitchdown Construction Method

    Another construction method we use is known as the Stitchdown Construction Method. The Stitchdown construction is a variation of the Goodyear Welted Construction method. 

    Stitchdown Construction Method Thomas George Collection

    Unlike the Goodyear welt method, the leather upper is turned out and stitched above the welt rather than wrapped underneath and stitched beneath the welt. The result is a very sturdy service boot with excellent water-proofing qualities.

    Why Invest In Welted Footwear?

    SUPERIOR LEATHER. Welted shoes are made from superior full grain leather. Full grain leather ages beautifully and develops a fine patina in time.

    COMFORT. All of our shoes come with a leather in-sole and cork footbed. As the shoe is worn in, the leather and cork footbed will mould to your feet, providing excellent support and comfort.

    DURABILITY. Stitched, not glued, welted footwear is made to last and welted shoes are known to last for years, even decades, if well maintained.

    A NOD TO GOOD TASTE. Elegant. Understated. Stalwart. It’s a shoe that can do so much. It's not going to turn heads at first blush, but that understatement is also its greatest strength. Invest in a pair of welted shoes - the initiated will know.

    REDUCED FOOTPRINT. Due to their construction, materials, and durability, welted shoes stay out of landfill. Unlike commodity footwear, welted shoes contain no harmful rubbers or synthetic materials that can take up to 50-years to breakdown.