Frequently Asked Questions

Here we try to answer those questions that may assist you with your purchase. If you can't find the answer to your question, don't hesitate to email us!

Why Made To Order? 

For our first production run, we will be doing Made To Order only. The capital raised will provide us with the additional capital needed to expand our product offering and deliver a broader selection of styles. 

Where do you produce your shoes?

We have partnered with Fugashin Saigon, arguably the best shoemaker of ready-to-wear shoes in the Southern Hemisphere. We are producing our shoes in their 'Saigon' workshop. All leather is from well-regarded European tanneries and all works are carried out to the strict quality control standards expected of a luxury Japanese brand. We have partnered with Fugashin because they share our values of quality workmanship, fair work and sustainable work practices. 

Why don't you make your shoes in Australia?

No shoemaker in Australia was willing or able to manufacture shoes for us at a scale or RRP that would make it viable. Australia's shoe industry was decimated in the 1980s when tariffs were lifted on shoe imports. Presently, the industry has neither the workforce, equipment, technicians nor tanneries to service high-quality ready to wear production requirements. As a result, very few shoemakers in Australia make Goodyear welted shoes and the majority who do are often self-employed and bespoke.

What are the shipping costs?

Zero. Nil. Nada! You don't pay a cent. That includes returns. Because that's what we're about: delivering a quality product that is stress-free, well-priced and a quality product. 

What kind of leather do you use?

We use quality French Calf and English Suede. 

I need to return my shoes?

We get that sometimes the shoes just don't fit. We offer free returns. The shoes must be at brand new standard, which means no creasing around the upper or scuffing on the sole in any way. Please try them on carpet to avoid scuffing the sole. Check out our returns page for further information.

What's up with the price? 

One of our main goals is to offer a quality welted shoe at an honest price. We operate on a lean business model and deal directly with the shoemaker. The savings we make here we pass straight on to you.

Do we offer discounts?

For shoes. Short answer. No.  

What is a Goodyear welt construction?

The Goodyear Welt construction is the gold standard of shoemaking and is used primarily by the worlds top shoemakers. Constructing a Goodyear welt is labour and time intensive. A lockstitch is run through the upper, insole and welt, while another stitch is used to attach the outsole. This method makes the construction very resilient but at the same time allows the cobbler to easily deconstruct it and replace parts when required. What this means for your shoes is that with a bit of love, they will be with you for a very long time to come. 



What is a Stitchdown construction method?

The stitchdown construction method is a variation of the Goodyear welt method. Instead of the upper being tucked under the sole and sewn to the insole, the upper is turned out, therefore enabling the maker to hand stitch the upper to the insole, midsole and outsole. 

Stitchdown construction method



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