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    Discover The Iconic Penny Loafer

    From left to right: The original North American Makasin. The Norwegian Moccasin circa 1908. The G.H. Bass 'Weeguns' circa 1934.

    Australian Men & Penny Loafers

    To be fair, Aussie men have not flocked to own Penny Loafers. While it's a popular shoe with the stylish class, many Aussie men may feel it's a bit too 'fancy' for the average cobber. However, the truth is that the Penny Loafer is one of the most versatile shoes a man can own; especially now, where dress codes are becoming increasingly blurred and people seek greater flexibility in how they dress. Furthermore, it's essentially a shoe version of the much-loved Chelsea Boot. Infact, we'd go so far as to say that the Penny Loafer is to the Urban sprawl as the Chelsea Boot is to country life. A shoe with such utilitarian value means one doesn't need to dress like a Pitti Peacock to enjoy them.