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Buying shoes online has never been as easy or as risk-free than buying them with The Thomas George Collection. The information below will help you decide on the most appropriate size for your feet. 

Our Lasts

We worked with our U.K. shoe designer and Spring Line (Northampton last maker of choice) to develop the lasts that have shaped the shoes you're considering today. All have been crafted in the spirit of heritage quality but also made for contemporary palettes. 


Thomas George Lasts

Jacka's Last & Fit

Jacka's last has been created for our Service Boots. It features an almond-shaped elongated toe that slims at the toe box and an average waist and shallow profile. 

Service Boots traditionally offer generous fitting qualities. We recommend going down a half size to your normal standard fitting UK size. How does a standard size 8 Jacka compare?

  • R.M. Williams Craftsman G fit: 7.5
  • R.M. Williams Craftsman H fit : 8.0

Jacka Last Size Chart Thomas George Collection

Jefferies' Last & Fitting

Jefferies' Last has been created for our Semi-Brogue Oxfords. A sleek, contemporary last, with semi-square toe box with a slightly narrow heel and mid to high step.

How does a size 8 Jefferies last compare?

  • Crockett & Jones 341: 8.0 UK
  • R.M. Williams Craftsman: 8.0G
  • Crockett & Jones 348: 8.5 UK
  • Meermin RUI - 8.5 UK

Pope's Last

Pope's Last has been created for our Penny Loafers. It features a traditional round toe box, a high instep and leather wall with generous fitting qualities. We recommend you go down a half size to your standard fitting UK size.

How does a Pope size 8 compare?

  • Crockett & Jones 314 (Loafer): 7.5 UK
  • R.M. Williams Craftsman: 7.5G

Shoe Size Conversion Chart

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