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    Leather Care


    For Shoes That Look On Point, Always

    How you care for your shoes says a lot about you but with a bit of love, your quality calf leather shoes will develop a fine patina over time and actually look better with age. The steps below will help you care for your leathers and keep your shoes on point, always.

    Step 1. Prep Your Shoes

    Get those shoes ready for some shoe care love. Remove the laces. Insert your shoe trees. Remove dust and other build up with your horse hair brush

    Step 2. Clean and condition the leather

    Apply a ten cent size drop of Boot Black's Two-Face Lotion onto a cloth. 
    Apply evenly throughout the shoe. One application should cover approximately 1/3 of the shoe. Wait several minutes and brush off any excess lotion. 

    Step 3. Rejuvenate the leather with shoe cream

    Apply a small amount of Boot Black Shoe Cream to the leather. Again, it should over approximately 1/3 of the shoe. Remember, less is more. Apply in circular motions and evenly across the leather surface. Wait several minutes and brush off any excess cream. Repeat the process as desired. 

    4. Shine Your Shoes w. Shoe (Wax) Polish

    Apply a small amount of Boot Black Wax Polish with a cotton chamois or directly on your finger. Massage the wax polish into the leather. Allow to dry and then buff using a horsehair brush or clean cotton chamois.
    For a highshine effect, stick to the hard surfaces of the shoe, i.e. the toe box and heel counter. Use small circular motions to apply the wax and add a small drop of water, which helps with dispersion. Buff with a clean cotton cloth of Goat Hair Shoe Brush.
    Slowly wins the race. 
    See 3-minute how-to video here