Goodyear Welt Construction

In the world of men's shoes, there are shoes, and then there are Goodyear welted shoes. The Goodyear welt construction method requires a well-trained shoemaker who values patience and accuracy. Hundreds of years of experience and ingenuity in shoemaking have gone into creating the Goodyear welted shoe. And despite advances in production, hundreds of steps are still required to produce just one pair. The result, however, is a leather shoe that is more durable, more comfortable, and more desired than any other shoe you will likely come across.

In Australia, 99% of shoes you will find on High Street, and even in department stores, are made using cement construction. With this method, the leather upper is glued directly on to the outsole. It is a cheap, quick, and effective process that is used to mass-produce footwear. The major disadvantage with cement is that once the sole gets worn down it is difficult to resole. As with all mass-produced products, longevity does not feature strongly with cemented shoes.